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Central Space Projection

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  • Design
  • Experience Design
  • Illustration
  • Motion Graphics

“Restoring Earth” in the Field Museum’s Abbott Hall of Conservation is a permanent exhibition where visitors learn about the work Field scientists are doing to study and protect Earth’s biodiversity. Replacing an existing projection installation, our Central Space interactive offers visitors a fun and collaborative experience that reinforces the exhibition's messages of conservation and caring.


Full-Body Interaction

Collaborative and accessible for any age

Visitors interact with the projection via a modified Kinect sensor. A beautiful sequence of animated land and seascapes is the setting for a multi-player game where the players use their arms and legs to catch virtual spheres as they drift down the screen. When the visitors, working together, have stopped enough spheres from touching down, the animation transitions to another scene through an animated sequence that incorporates integral messaging.

The game is a metaphor for an individual’s and a group’s role in protecting biodiversity and the environment: there is much to be done, but the more we work together the easier and more fun it becomes. With an emphasis on collaboration, beautiful illustrations, and a really fun interface, this projection is a wonderful way for the Field to tell its conservation story.

Fostering Connections

Visitors relate to nature and one another

Full Loop Animation

The only way to get museum visitors to learn is to make them care. The Central Space Projection is a key part of the “Restoring Earth” exhibition’s mission of fostering lasting connections between people and nature.